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Portable Storage Delivery

Today Movers delivers a convenient way to store your belonging on your property or on ours! Do you need a place to store your home or office’s furniture, appliances and belongings for a short period of time?

Our portable storage containers are designed to give you the freedom to keep your possessions on site while you give your home a makeover. Take all the time you need to load your container. If you want help, we can connect you with packing and moving companies in the area.

To maximize the space of your portable storage container, read through our packing and loading tips!

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Packing & Loading

Packing Box

Our weather-proof portable storage containers portable are perfect for any storage need. Whether it’s short term to allow for a remodel, or long term to move your family’s belongings to a new home. No time limits, no hurry!

Ground-level design and a low loading surface means easier loading and unloading. All of our containers are equipped with lockable swing doors, instead of roll-up doors that could jam if contents shift. 20 tie down points and 6 e-tracks insure that your items can be secured during transportation.

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Moving & Storage

Moving In

Whether it’s a short period of time to allow the carpet to be replaced, or an indeterminate amount of time to allow for a complete home renovation, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t pay for an offsite storage unit that will require you to hire movers with trucks, that will cost you in labor. Keep your possessions handy and on your land, with 24-hour access to your portable storage container.  Since our portable storage containers are rented by the month, there’s no need to rush and get everything done.

You set the dates for pick-up and delivery, so you can load and unload at your own pace.

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A Solution for any situation

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a fancy-shmancy mansion, we’ve got a portable storage container for you!

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